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Since 1990, MouseStop has been offering an effective and environmentally friendly solution to prevent rodent infestations. Discover how MouseStop can safeguard your property without compromising on hygiene or using harmful chemicals.

how to use mousestop

Ensure the surface is dry and clean, removing any loose material.
Apply MouseStop using a caulking gun. Make sure the layer depth is at least 10 mm.
Smooth the applied MouseStop with a palette knife to activate the barrier.
After use, clean your hands and tools with a dry cloth.
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Mousestop original

Mousestop original

Since its launch in the year 1990, MouseStop Original is a versatile pest control paste designed to seal seams, cracks, and holes, effectively preventing rodents and pests from gaining entry to the premises. This natural and non-toxic formula contains no pesticides or biocides, making it ideal for use in various industries, including food manufacturing and preparation facilities. Trust MouseStop Original to protect your property with an animal-friendly approach.

Mousestop premium

Mousestop premium

MouseStop Premium is a specially developed variant catering to the needs of professional pest technicians. Reinforced with a blend of metal fibers and metal detectable, this premium paste is the perfect choice for implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies.

MouseStop Premium aligns with hygiene-sensitive locations, particularly in the food industry. Ensure optimal pest control measures while prioritizing animal welfare with MouseStop Premium.

Our network

MouseStop’s exceptional pest control solutions have gained global recognition. With our extensive reach, we proudly serve customers in over 20 countries, providing effective and animal-friendly pest control across diverse industries. Our trusted reputation and commitment to excellence have made MouseStop the preferred choice for pest control professionals and businesses worldwide.

Private label

Discover private label options with MouseStop for exceptional pest control solutions. Customize and brand your own line of pest control products that align with your company’s identity and customer preferences. Contact us today to explore private label opportunities.