Welcome to MouseStop, your trusted source for effective and animal-friendly pest control solutions. With over three decades of experience, we have become renowned in the industry. Our dedication to protecting homes and businesses led us to develop MouseStop, an innovative pest control and sealing paste.

Our Commitment

At MouseStop, we believe in effective and animal-friendly pest control. Since 1990, we have provided alternatives that prioritize animal welfare and environmental protection. MouseStop is trusted by the international pest-control industry and is ideal for hygiene-sensitive areas like food manufacturing. Join our community of satisfied customers, pest control professionals, and businesses that prioritize animal welfare and environmental responsibility.

Mission and Community

Our mission is clear: to provide exceptional pest control solutions that protect homes, businesses, and the environment. We continuously innovate and collaborate with industry experts. Join our community to create pest-free environments and work towards a sustainable future.

Our future

We value feedback from experts and actively seek insights to continually improve our products. Working closely with manufacturers, we ensure effectiveness and meet customer needs. Our commitment to collaboration and ongoing improvement sets us apart as a provider of high-quality pest control solutions.

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The Need for Animal-Friendly Pest Control.

The demand for animal-friendly pest control emerged in the food industry during the 1990s. MouseStop, introduced by our professionals, gained an excellent reputation in the market. It is specified for use in shopping centers, supermarkets, and hygiene-sensitive locations. Tests conducted by the Dutch testing institute TNO in 1992 proved its effectiveness as mice and rats cannot gnaw through it.

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For inquiries, assistance, or private label options, contact our dedicated team through our website. Partner with us in making a positive impact in pest control and protecting your property.