Cookie policy

To ensure our website works well, we use cookies and similar technologies. We use cookies, among other things, to analyze visits, show you the best search results and offer you personalized ads.

What are cookies?

A cookie can be seen as a small text file that is placed on your computer. We use this to make our site function well, to improve it and to give you the best experience! We can also share your surfing behavior via cookies with other parties to show you relevant ads. We distinguish between three different cookies: necessary cookies, performance cookies, and marketing cookies.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the site to function technically well. For example, they ensure that we can quickly and correctly show you the right information. Therefore, you cannot disable these cookies. Because the necessary cookies have little impact on visitors’ privacy, we don’t need permission for this.

What necessary cookies do we place?

Anti-Spam by Cleantalk Cookies

We use the services of Cleantalk to stop and prevent spam. Cleantalk places cookies on our website for this purpose. The data collected with the cookies are only used in the process of preventing and combating spam. We have a processing agreement with Cleantalk, so they comply with European data processing regulations.

We do not need permission for these cookies. Without the use of the cookies, problems may arise regarding our protection against spam.

Is the information passed on?

Yes, to Cleantalk. Your name, email address, and the content of your message are collected by Cleantalk and then made invisible, unless it concerns the data of people or organizations sending spam.

View Cleantalk’s privacy policy

GDPR Cookie Compliance Cookies

We use the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin for our cookie bar. When this cookie is enabled, these cookies are used to save your cookie settings preferences. We do not need permission for these cookies.

Is the information passed on?

No, this information is not passed on. The information is only applicable for the settings.

Performance cookies

We use performance cookies to analyze how our website is used, for example, to see which pages are visited the most. These are set to be privacy-friendly, for this we have a processing agreement with Google. The last part of your IP address is masked and ‘data sharing’ is turned off. We do not use other Google services for placing performance cookies. Therefore, these cookies have little or no consequences for the privacy of website visitors. Just like the necessary cookies, you don’t need to give permission for this.

Which performance cookies do we place?

Google Analytics

We use this to analyze the website with statistics. For example, we have insight into the number of unique visitors, sessions, the most visited pages, and campaign data. This script gives your device a randomly generated identification number (ID). The ID is sent to Google with every hit and used on Google’s servers to calculate the statistics.

We ask for permission for these cookies.

Is the information passed on?

Yes, the ID is passed on to Google but not used by Google for its own purposes. The ID is not linked to other data they have from you.

View Google Analytics’ Privacy Statement.

Marketing cookies

Thanks to these cookies we can give you the best visitor experience! The marketing cookies allow us to fine-tune the website exactly to your needs. We can track your surfing behavior on our website so that we and third parties can show you personalized content and ads. We can also perform A/B tests via these cookies to optimize the website. Without these cookies, certain parts of the site may not work well. We ask your permission to place these cookies.

Which marketing cookies do we place?

At the moment we do not use Marketing cookies

Can you turn off the cookies?

You can turn off the cookies yourself or

remove them from your device. How you can do this differs per internet browser and device. If you choose to delete your cookies, the website may not function optimally and you may not be able to use some services.

Can the cookie policy be adjusted?

The cookie policy can be adjusted in the interim to announce changes. The texts can be adjusted at any time. We therefore advise you to regularly consult this cookie statement, so that you are aware of the way we handle cookies.

Unforeseen cookies

We do our best to be as transparent as possible about the cookies we place. However, it may happen that cookies are placed via the website of which we are not always aware.

Do you come across unforeseen cookies on this website that you can’t find in the pop-up or this statement? Please let us know!